“Inventory For Sale” are the paintings that are presently available for purchase. They are listed by category: LANDSCAPES, KIRTHIAN  IMAGES and MISCELLANEOUS. Outside framed dimensions are given in inches  ( width x height ) , followed by price in euros. All prices include framing shown and packaging and shipping to the buyer upon payment in full. The price does not include shipping insurance which is the prerogative and responsibility of the buyer. Payment must be made by wire transfer or direct deposit to the account stipulated by Carreiro & Court LLC. Please contact by e-mail at

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17IN. X 13.5IN., 5,400 euros
Little Ilheu de Villa Franca 17in. x 13.5in., 5,400 euros

small-pdl-antigua                                                                Small PDL Antigua, 31.7in. x 24in., 12,000 euros

small-pdl-moderno                                                               Small PDL Moderno, 31.7in. x 24in., 12,000 euros

north-coast                                                                       North Coast, 30.5in. x 18in., 9,000 euros

santa-iria-oeste                                                                   Santa Iria Oeste, 31.5in. x 20in., 9,000 euros

forte-da-vila-santa-maria                                                                      Forte Da Vila, 20in. x 17in., 5,400 euros

calheta-surf                                                                      Calheta Surf, 19in. x 14.5in.,5,400 euros

perseverando-view                                                                              Perseverando View, 19.7in. x 17in.,  5,400 eur
povoacao                                                                                      Povocao, 19.5in. x 15.5in.,  5,400 euros

terceira                                                                           Terceira, 17.5in. x 15in., 5,400 euros

tn-garden-1                                                                     T N Garden 1, 17.5in. x 15in., 5,400 euros

t-n-garden-2                                                                    T N Garden 2, 17.5in. x 15in., 5,400 euros

t-n-garden-5                                                                     T N Garden 3, 15in. x 17.5in., 5,400 euros

t-n-garden-4                                                                    T N Garden 4, 29.5in.  x  21.5in., 12,000 euros

lisbon-ferry                                                                                     Lisbon Ferry, 29.5in. x 17in., 9,000 euros
little-lagoa                                                                                     Little Lagoa, 32in. x 20in., 9,000 euros

t-n-garden-3                                                                     T N Garden 5, 29.5in. x 21.5in., 12,000 euros

small-above-capelas                                                                     Above Capelas, 30in. x 17in., 9,000 euros

sao-roque-rock                                                                 Sao Roque Rock, 30.5in. x 18in., 9,000 euros

sao-jorge                                                                      Sao Jorge, 29.5in. x 17in., 9,000 euros

populo                                                                                          Populo, 30in. x 17in., 9,000 euros
mordijk                                                                                      Moerdijk, 29.5in. x 17in., 9,000 euros
little-back-creek                                                                                       Back Creek, 25in. x 17in., 7,800 euros

big-above-capelas                                                                  Above Capelas, 55in. x 40in., 48,000 euros

praia-de-agua-dalto                                                                    Agua D Alto, 49.5in. x 34in., 29,000 euros

above-lambadas                                                                Above Lambadas, 47in. x 31.5in., 29,000 euros

ilheu-de-vilafranca-ii                                                                     V Franca II, 47in. x 31.5in., 29,000 euros

ilheu-de-vilafranca-i                                                                   Vila Franca I, 47in. x 31.5in., 29,000 euros

perseverando-clouds                                                            Perseverando Clouds, 47.5in. x 32in., 29,000 euros

45.5in. x 34in.,
Monte Brazil-Terceira 45.5in. x 34in., 30,000 euros

terra-nostra-swans                                                                  Terra Nostra Swans, 36in. x 47in., 35,000 euros

ribeira-quente                                                                   Ribeira Quente, 47in. x 35in., 35,000 euros

little-horta                                                                       Little Horta, 35in. x 27in., 27,000 euros

little-santa-iria-este                                                               Little Santa Iria Este, 37in. x 21in., 16,200 euros

big-lagoa                                                                                        Lagoa, 70in. x 40in., 72,000 euros
rabo-de-peixe-63-5-x-43-5-75000-euros                                                                                      Rabo de Peixe, 63.5in. x 43.5in., 90,000 eur

63.5 in. x 44in.,   90,000 euros
Santa Iria Oeste, 63.5in. x 44in., 90,000 euros

Sao Roque                                                                      Sao Roque, 53in. x 29.5in., 42,000 euros

Porto Formosa                                                                    Porto Formosa, 55in. x 33in., 42,000 euros

Santa Iria este                                                                    Sant Iria Este, 87.5in. x 58in. 180,000 euros

Ponta Delgada Antgua: 90 inches x 63 inches: 150,000 euros                                                                       PDL  Antigua, 90in. x 63.5in., 180,000 euros



kirth-i                                                                       KIRTH I, 47in. x 59in., 300,000 euros

kirth-ii                                                                       KIRTH II, 47in. X 59in., 300,000 euros

kirth-iii                                                                      KIRTH III, 47in. x 59in., 300,000 euros

kirth-iii-drawing                                                                    Kirth III drawing, 26in. x 34in., 18,000 euros

bacchanal                                                               BACCHANAL Study, 23.5in. x 27in, 18,000 euros



the-royals                                                                        The Royals, 36in. x 28in., 18,000 euros

the-tourquoise-shaw                                                                   The Turquoise Shaw, 42in. x 53in., 48,000 euros

copy-of-madame-x                                                                Copy of Madame X, 18in. x 28.5in. 18,000 euro

still-life                                                                           Still Life, 15in. x 17in., 5,400 euros

my-goldwater                                                               Barry Goldwater, 31.5in. x 27.5, 42,000 euros